Video Work

For Minika Ko:

I created this video for Minika Ko’s KOVASKY collection using various pre filmed clips and aligned them with an original track by Ben Cockerham.

I was given a long version of this video and shortened it to the desired length of the fashion designer. I added transitions and filters, cut unnecessary footage, and aligned the audio with the visuals for the entire video.

The next two videos were my most independent work I created while interning for Minika Ko. I recorded interviews with over 30 artists as part of an International Women’s Day “KOllision” fashion show and used footage from those interviews to develop a cohesive narrative in my videos.

In the first video, I wanted to showcase artwork created for the KOllision fashion show. In the second, I highlighted some of the artists’ intentions behind the work.


For Combined Media Class:

This work is a video based artwork made for my Combined Media class. The assignment was simply to create a video where there are two personas/characters. I decided my two personas would be two different sides of me, “Before” and “After” characters. The idea was personal, about my struggle to live like the loud, proud person I am in a world that constantly tells me to be quiet. The video is relatively self explanatory.