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  • Freelance Journalist & Photographer
  • Social Media Director: U.S. Chess School
  • Advisory Board Member: Chess in the Schools: 2018-Present

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Tournaments where I did social media for U.S. Chess:

U.S. Amateur Team East 2017, President’s Cup/Final Four of Collegiate Chess 2017, Denker/Barber/National Girls Tournament of Champions 2017, U.S. Open 2017, U.S. Masters 2017, U.S. Amateur Team East 2018, All Girls Nationals 2018, Pan American Collegiate Chess Championship 2018



World Chess Championship:


U.S. Amateur Team East:

New York State Girls Championship:

Trump protesters clash with chess players:

Charity Chess Championship:

World Open:

Denker/Barber/National Girls Tournament of Champions:

U.S. Masters:

K-12 Grade Nationals:


Greater New York Scholastic Chess Championships:

U.S. Amateur Team East:

Junior High Nationals:

Print publications:

Chess Life

  • May 2017: U.S. Amateur Team East: Repeat!
    • Cover Photo also taken by me:

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