A Self Portrait

I had a Photoshop composite project due this week for my Digital Design and Usability class. We were exploring/reviewing Masking, Adjustment Layers, and more.

Here’s the self portrait I made in my own style:

We were asked to include favorite influences such as movies and musicians. I used some visual text of my favorite band name from their mixtape (CIMORELLI). I added my favorite quote from The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath: “‘She wants,’ said Jay Cee wittily, ‘to be everything.'” This quote pretty much defines how I feel about my future. I included one of my favorite books, The Virgin Suicides, because it fit the aesthetic and I reread it recently, which reminded me of how much I love it.

I also added big words that describe me: maker, dreamer, writer. These words have been very centering to me lately and truly make up a central part of my identity. I included three photos taken by my friend, Andrew Baicker. The picture of me holding the leaf alludes to my love for autumn, my favorite season. It also shows some of my favorite dress, which suggests my love for vintage items. The suitcase I am holding in the other photo is also special to me- it is a suitcase I bought at a vintage market in Boston and I currently use it to hold my cherished mementos I have collected. The middle photo was my Halloween costume, marking the first big physical computing project I made this past semester for class. I dressed up as a planet. I think it was the first tech project I used a motor for and the first where I used hardware more creatively than ever before (I had a Servo motor with an LED light attached orbit my head like a spaceship orbits a planet). It also simply shows that I am a maker.

The cloud and starry sky background represent my dreamer-like tendency and aspirations to be greater. The dots and sunshine represent my vibrancy, playfulness, enthusiasm, energy, and general positivity. I think overall, the piece actually captures my personality well, so I’m satisfied with how it came out!