The Beginning


Hey there, I’m Vanessa Sun- hence the cute little “sunshine” in my site title 🙂 This site will be under construction for a while, so please be patient with the changes to the website.


This is my new blog to record all my making adventures! I’m thrilled to share so many of my creations online. A lot of this post will be reiterated on the “About” page.

I’ve attempted to make many blogs before in the past, but I think this one will be most successful because I am hosting all my “making” activities on one website. I will separate Tech, Art, Fashion, and Writing into different categories on my website so that if you want to only view one type of work, you can- or you can view them all on the homepage.

Much of the content in the beginning will no doubt be homework assignments for my classes, but I will expand to more as I gain more confidence.

I was inspired to make this website after spending a few days looking into the Maker community on Twitter and following all these cool art x tech people. The purpose of this site is to share my creations, but I will also break down my processes in case anyone wants to use it as an educational source.

About Me

A few years ago, all anybody would associate me with was writing, a bright personality, perhaps as someone book smart, sometimes as an artistic person and a historical researcher (I used to compete in an awesome high school history competition called National History Day). I was someone who visited the English and Social Studies teacher’s departments so frequently in high school that I was awarded both department’s senior awards before I graduated. I was a mathlete, but I basically abhorred the sciences.

However, things took a weird turn as I began to attend college. I got interested in law. I stopped writing creatively a lot (I still try to write some poetry), but picked up journalism about chess tournaments and chess news. My art major became a defining feature. I was certified to direct chess tournaments. I randomly did a research stint at the New York Botanical Garden for a summer (which was AMAZING). Then, I was extremely invested in mathematics. However, it took too much of a toll on my mental health, so I decided to only continue learning math on my own by auditing classes. I got interested in tech, really interested, while also interning for a fashion designer.

What the heck?!

It was clear people assumed I had no focus and could not just choose one interest and stick to it. After all, I literally changed my major FIVE times. That was not the case. The truth was that I found out I was interested in so many things and could not bear to give any of them up. There was no “sacrificing” one of them. I would not equivocate like the rest of society does, relegating what they loved to a simple “hobby.” I wanted to wake up every day and do something completely different.

I still want to. I am a generalist in a society that constantly forces us to specialize. I have absolutely no idea what the future holds for people like me because all other people seem to think passion always has to give way to practicality. Hopefully, I’m inventing a lifestyle that works for me.

This website is going to be a bit of an amalgamation of my making work. I’m making all the time now, especially given my new Media major. I am currently enrolled in a Physical Computing class, which has taught me to learn the basics of electronics and I’m desperate to find out more about what technology has to offer me. I want to learn more about electronics (maybe even up to an electrical engineer’s level), about web design, about computer science and both front end and back end web development, about how to make apps, graphic design, game design, and so much more. I hope to document my artistic and technical work with this website.


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