Inspired by…


My mindset and my interest in tech would not have been possible without certain people,  two of which I want to highlight today…


The first came from a Medium post I stumbled upon. I was feeling this strong despair when I first began programming and coding because I was not sure how my love for art and tech could coexist and work together. I googled something like “intersection art and tech” or some variant to desperately search for how others balanced the two.

I found out about Amy, known as sailorhg on Twitter, as well as her zine, Bubblesort Zines. I bought a zine and intend on buying the others, but what affected me most was her story.

An excerpt:

Why should we care about the intersection of art and technology?

The technology/art dichotomy discourages people who might otherwise be interested in one or the other, or forces people who are interested in both to pick one or the other.

Even if you pick one or the other, understanding both helps you communicate to the people you work with that do the other.

Also, incorporating one into the learning of the other makes for rich learning environments.

I read another post by her today, one about her reflections after 10 years in the industry, which I also felt was eye opening about how the tech industry treats women. But, it was also filled with hope, inspiration, and optimism for a better world that treats women employees better. Overall, what she has written has truly framed a lens for me to be unafraid of exploring where tech takes me.


The second person is Rachel “Konichiwakitty” Wong, whom I found out about down a 3 AM Twitter rabbit hole. She is doing a lot of FashionTech work and her thread of her projects shocked me.

My favorite was this doughnut headband:

These are available in her Etsy shop:

What I found most innovative was her Kitty Ears Soldering Kit in her Etsy shop.

Here, she crossed the threshold into a new level of respect by figuring out a creative, easy way for anyone to learn to make wearables. It truly revolutionizes tech education because it’s an approachable way for others to learn. I feel a special connection to that because I am starting to feel like I never had an entry into tech when I was a child because it wasn’t taught to me in an innovative, creative way. These kitty ears are so enticingly cute and who wouldn’t want to learn to make them?!

Then I realized her works were nothing I could not already do myself. I had spent so much time marveling at her work that I automatically underestimated my own skills and abilities. I found that so tragic and found resolve in looking at her work, promising myself not to look down on my own abilities again (or to correct myself when I do have that mindset).

Of course, these are only 2 people I’ve found particularly inspiring to me that I wanted to write about. I’ll have to write one about my Physical Computing professor when I’m feeling ready for that. I hope to keep finding more women in tech that inspire me. Perhaps I’ll even do lil profile interviews with them!

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